Newly Installed Vertically Integrated Running Track

The Only Vertically Integrated, Polyurethane Surface Track Builder

American Athletic provides a complete, start-to-finish sports building solution!

Unlike other sports facility builders, we are the ONLY ASBA certified track building company that’s vertically integrated. That means we self perform and control ALL FOUR MAJOR COMPONENTS OF TRACK CONSTRUCTION, ensuring every track we build gets completed on time, on budget and with the highest standards of quality, performance, durability and safety. Plus, we have the industry’s best and longest warranty for your track, field, and court projects!

Learn how we can offer the industry’s finest warranties and how it has resulted in 12 National Awards!

Are You ...


Is your track substandard and ready for a replacement?


Are you ready for a synthetic turf field facility?


Do you need a new outdoor court complex?


Could you use help with outdoor facility planning or maintenance?

American Athletic provides a complete sports building solution!

Optimal performance, longevity, durability, and safety all build maximum value for our clients and communities.

Running Tracks

We achieve near perfect grading, drainage, asphalt paving, and synthetic surfacing to maximize the performance...

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Artificial Turf Fields

Our proven methodology of controlling construction from the ground up to build your facility’s surface...

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Tennis Courts

When it comes to designing and constructing your tennis and athletic courts, our goal is to provide you with a...

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Repairs & Maintenance

Regardless of how well or how poorly a sports facility is constructed and maintained, eventually there will be...

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What Our Clients Say

  • We chose AACI to work on 3 different running track and sports construction projects. In all instances AACI’s work ranks as the BEST example in sports construction I have ever witnessed in my 33 years in this industry.

    John Bell, PE
    President, Kinsey Associations,
    Park & Recreation Consultants
  • Upon final inspection of Bucknell University’s new asphalt pavement for their 2012 running track project, Geoff Daley exclaimed: “In 20+ years of synthetic track surfacing, I have not seen asphalt paved to that precision and consistency.

    Geoff Daley, CTB
    Chief Estimator and Director of Quality Assurance