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The Advantages of Artificial Turf Fields: Durability, Playability, and Low Maintenance

As an athletic director or business director for a public high school, your primary objective is to provide your athletes with the best possible environment to support their success. Playing conditions are essential to an athlete’s

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Artificial Turf 101

Given its many advantages, artificial turf is a top choice for athletic directors and business directors of public high schools when upgrading current facilities or constructing new sporting venues. It can eliminate lost playing time, reduce

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Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Track Installation Company

A running track can be a valuable asset to a school, university, or athletic complex. Athletic directors and business directors want to make sure their running track is installed properly to support athlete performance and safety. That requires

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ASBA Tennis Court Construction Guidelines: The Key to the Court You Want

There are several reasons a tennis court is a good investment for schools and athletic arenas. In addition to providing students and athletes with an appropriate facility to improve their game, a tennis court offers excellent value for a school

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Beneath the Surface: Building Competition Athletic Surfaces from the Bottom Up

Constructing a safe and competitive athletic facility with a premium surface is a science. It requires quality running track and tennis court materials combined with expert construction techniques. Although athletes and spectators see only the

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What Our Clients Say

  • We chose AACI to work on 3 different running track and sports construction projects. In all instances AACI’s work ranks as the BEST example in sports construction I have ever witnessed in my 33 years in this industry.

    John Bell, PE
    President, Kinsey Associations,
    Park & Recreation Consultants
  • Upon final inspection of Bucknell University’s new asphalt pavement for their 2012 running track project, Geoff Daley exclaimed: “In 20+ years of synthetic track surfacing, I have not seen asphalt paved to that precision and consistency.

    Geoff Daley, CTB
    Chief Estimator and Director of Quality Assurance