Consider Future Growth When Upgrading Sports Facilities

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When it comes to sports field construction and improving your athletic facility, it is important to address any flaws – no matter how big or small. This enables you to provide athletes and members of the community with a safe complex, where they can train and compete at the highest level. Plus, you can avoid minor problems leading to major headaches down the road.

The certified builders at American Athletic Track and Turf will not only upgrade your sports facilities but also help you keep future growth in mind. For over 25 years, we have helped improve a wide range of athletic facilities all along the East Coast, including New Jersey, Florida, Vermont, Maine, Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Connecticut. Learn more about how American Athletic Track and Turf keeps the future needs of your sports complex, as well as the advantages of working with our expert team.

Helping You Think and Plan

Over time, athletic surfaces can begin to wear, compromising their integrity. This wear can lead to unsafe conditions and potentially dangerous outcomes. To prevent these problematic scenarios from occurring, athletic directors and facility managers will need to have their sporting complexes repaired and upgraded.

When working with the professionals at American Athletic Track and Turf, not only are your immediate needs met, but we also take into consideration any future upgrades and growth that may be required. Our services include in-depth designing and planning, which allows us to thoroughly evaluate the facility, determine what improvements it needs currently, and prepare you for the upgrades it may need in the future. This information can be crucial for athletic directors or facility managers, especially if they wish to grow and expand their facilities for years to come.


The growth and expansion of sporting complexes can bring a variety of advantages for schools or athletic programs, such as:

  • Accommodate more sports: As your athletic program expands its facilities, it will be able to accommodate more sports. Offering a wider range of sports can help grow the program and involve more athletes.
  • Edge in recruiting: Should your school or athletic program recruit players, expanding your facilities may give you an edge over the competition. Often, conditions and amenities of facilities are important factors for recruits when determining where they want to compete in the future.
  • Enhance your program’s prestige: Choosing to upgrade and expand your athletic department’s facilities can help improve the program’s status.

Expert Sports Field Construction

Whether you’re looking to address immediate concerns with your sporting surfaces or wish to expand your facilities, it is vital to work with professional builders. The certified engineers at American Athletic Track and Turf possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to offer clients quality services, executed in a beautiful design. Our work speaks for itself and has allowed us to earn numerous awards, including 2021 American Sports Builders Association Outstanding Track and Field Facility of the Year.

The specialized services we offer include the planning, designing, and constructing of the following athletic surfaces:

Our work doesn’t stop at construction. We offer clients professional repair services along with enhanced warranties for greater peace of mind.

Upgrades With Smart Financing

American Athletic is also proud to offer athletic directors and facility managers the opportunity to acquire sports surfaces through competitive purchasing contracts. Our SmartBuy Co-op Purchasing program is comprised of multiple national cooperative purchasing agencies, allowing clients to purchase a variety of athletic surfaces on previously bid contracts with preferred pricing. The use of this program can help save time and money, as well as give purchasers more control over the final product, as compared to the traditional bidding process.

Upgrade and Expand Your Sporting Complex Today

With years of experience and knowledge dealing with a wide range of athletic surfaces, American Athletic Track and Turf can help improve and grow your athletic facilities by addressing immediate concerns and planning for future growth. For more information about our qualified team and sports field construction services along the East Coast, including New Jersey, Florida, Vermont, Maine, Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Connecticut, please contact us today.

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