How Long Does it Take to Upgrade a Running Track Surface?

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Whether it is a private facility or public, running tracks are a key element of any athletic stadium. Depending on the quality of installation, running tracks are expected to last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. Athletic directors and facility managers can help extend the life of their track by protecting it from being misused, conducting routine maintenance, and hiring professionals to administer any necessary repairs.

It is common for running tracks to require some attention in their lifetimes. If your track needs to be upgraded, you may be wondering how long it will take. The expert team at American Athletic Track and Turf builds and upgrades facilities all along the East Coast, including New Jersey, Florida, Vermont, Maine, Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Connecticut. Here, we offer insight into how long the upgrading process can take and what factors play a role in it.

Running Track Installation & What to Expect

When it comes to the timeline for upgrading a running track, it is important to remember that no two jobs are the same. Each project presents new challenges to overcome, causing the project to either be longer or shorter. Variables that can determine how long the project will take can include:

  • The current condition of the track
  • The amount of work needed
  • The weather
  • The client’s budget

Depending on the condition of a track and the improvements needed, the upgrade process can include:

  • Planning and designing
  • Drainage installation
  • Base construction
  • Asphalt paving through laser-controlled techniques
  • Track surface application

Clients can expect their running track to be upgraded in anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks, weather permitting. To help clients understand what goes into a track upgrade and better evaluate their facility, American Athletic offers a site evaluation guide.

Benefits of Upgrading Running Track

For those who are on the fence about upgrading their running track, the decision can be based on whether it’s worth it or not. To answer that, it is important to be aware of the advantages improving your track can offer, such as:

Increased Safety

The safety of athletes and members of the community who use the track should always be the priority of athletic directors and facility managers. Over time, running tracks can begin to wear, compromising their integrity. This may cause the track to become unsafe. Having the track upgraded can nullify these concerns and provide your facility with a safe running surface.

Heightened Performance

If safety is an athletic director’s main concern, performance is second. Program directors want to prove their athletes’ talents with equipment and facilities that allow them to achieve their maximum potential. An outdated running track may hinder an athlete’s ability to perform to the best of their ability. Upgrading your track ensures conditions permit athletes to compete at the highest level.

Enhanced Appearance

Running tracks can be the focal point of any athletic facility. The way their surface, typically red but offered in a wide range of colors, complements the green color of the facility’s grass or turf can offer a pleasing sight. Outdated tracks can lose their eye-popping pizzazz and, in return, create a surface that’s hard to look at. To prevent your facility from becoming an eyesore, you can opt to have your track upgraded, restoring it to its pristine condition.

Smart Financing Saves Time and Money When Upgrading Your Track

American Athletic offers the opportunity to acquire sports surfaces through competitive purchasing contracts. Our SmartBuy Co-op Purchasing program includes multiple national cooperative purchasing agencies, allowing clients to purchase a variety of athletic surfaces on previously bid contracts with preferred pricing. This program can help save time and money, and give purchasers more control over the final product, as compared to the traditional bidding process.

Have Your Athletic Facilities Upgraded by the Professionals

When it comes to the safety, performance, and overall appeal of your athletic stadium, trust the experts at American Athletic Track and Turf. Since 1983 we have been providing specialized athletic facility services to clients in New Jersey, Florida, Vermont, Maine, Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Connecticut. Our work has allowed us to earn a variety of rewards, including 12 American Sports Builders Association national awards.

Our services don’t stop after installation. We offer industry-leading repairs and maintenance, along with enhanced warranties. For more information about our running track, artificial turf, and tennis court services, please contact us today.

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