Preventing Cracks in Your Tennis Court and Why It’s important

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To ensure your tennis court maintains its beautiful look and quality playing surface, certain precautions need to be taken. For over 25 years, American Athletic Track and Turf has proudly provided beautiful tennis courts and tennis court maintenance along the East Coast, and here, we discuss the importance of tennis court crack prevention and the best ways to do so.

Understanding Why Your Tennis Court Is Cracking

To know the best ways to prevent your tennis court from cracking, it is important to understand why and how cracks develop. When it comes to asphalt tennis courts, there are a variety of reasons it may be cracking, including:

  • Age/natural wear and tear: Asphalt slowly cures over time, so when it is first poured, it is pliable and soft. This gives the asphalt the ability to flex with the freezing winter temperatures. As the asphalt ages, it becomes harder as it cures. This process happens over roughly 10 years, and once the asphalt is completely curing, it becomes brittle due to the oils drying out and shrinking the asphalt.

With the high summer temperatures and cold winter temperatures, older tennis courts in the Northeast will usually crack when the frost or temperature change places stress on the asphalt. A crack may begin small at first but will expand and grow in length due to water filling the crack and freezing.

  • Settling/sinking: Cracks can also develop due to the sinking or settling of the sub-base underneath the court. If your court begins to sink, it could indicate poor sub-base construction and poor compaction underneath your tennis court. Severe settling, caused by something buried under the surface of the court, can cause cracking that will make the tennis court unusable.

Steps to Help Prevent Cracks

Proper tennis court maintenance is the key to ensuring that your court preserves its beauty and maintains its surface quality over time. Here are a few ways you can extend the longevity of your court and prevent it from cracking prematurely:

  • Clean your court regularly with mild detergent.
  • Remove standing water to prevent stains.
  • Remove foreign objects from the court.
  • Use proper equipment when cleaning.
  • Prevent unnecessary damage from occurring via skateboards, bikes roller blades, etc.
  • Properly remove snow and ice by not using sharp tools that will damage the court’s surface.
  • Install the proper drainage system to not allow water to accumulate on top of or underneath the court. 

What to Do if a Crack Occurs

Tennis court crack prevention starts with understanding how cracks develop, as well as the best practices for tennis court maintenance. If a crack does occur, it is important to address it immediately to prevent the problem from worsening. American Athletic provides clients in New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Southern Massachusetts, and Eastern Pennsylvania, with excellent tennis court maintenance and repair. To learn more about the services we provide and how you can maintain the quality of your tennis court, contact us today.

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