Your Running Track: Resurface or Replace It?

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A resurfaced running track

Running tracks are an essential part of any athletic facility. They can be used for athletic contests conducted by the school or for recreational use by the community. Regardless of their function, it is important tracks are constructed from quality materials. These materials, as well as the quality of construction and amount of foot traffic, will determine how long a track lasts.

During its lifetime, a running track may require resurfacing or replacement to ensure it is safe for athletes and pedestrians to use. For athletic directors and businesses with running tracks, knowing the proper course of action can be difficult. American Athletic Track and Turf builds facilities all along the East Coast, including New Jersey, Florida, Vermont, Maine, Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Connecticut. Here, we provide insight on when you should have your running track resurfaced, as well as when it’s time to replace it.

What to Look For On Your Running Track

When it comes down to deciding whether a running track can be repaired by resurfacing it or needs to be replaced, it all starts with what’s underneath it. The condition of the asphalt the track sits on is the main factor in determining the right course of action. Generally, asphalt should last between 20 and 25 years, depending on the quality of its installation and other factors such as weather. While the 20-year benchmark is a good indication of the asphalt’s state, it is not a completely accurate guide. Some tracks with asphalt less than 20 years of service may need replacing, while asphalt 30 years or older may be in great shape. If your track features asphalt that is in poor shape, replacing will be necessary.

A good indication that a track’s asphalt is beginning to wear is noticeable cracks throughout the track. These cracks typically start on the outside or inside edges. Cracks that run perpendicular to the running track’s lanes can be a cause for concern structurally. Minor cracks can be repaired through patching techniques and resurfacing, but it is only a matter of time before these cracks come through again. Having your track replaced is a surefire way to make certain these cracks are dealt with, and your track is safe.

When looking at the condition of the track, another thing to consider is how well the track’s surface is bonding to the asphalt below. Over time, the surface of the track can begin to separate from the underlying asphalt. Many things can cause this to happen including misuse of the track, water, and abuse from vehicles turning on it. Minor areas of separation can sometimes be repaired by resurfacing. However, to maintain the integrity and safety of the track, larger areas will need to be removed and replaced.

Have Your Track Inspected by Professionals

Even when you know what to look for, understanding the severity of track concerns can be difficult for the untrained eye. Having your track inspected by professionals with proper knowledge can be worth it. At American Athletic, our qualifications allow us to expertly inspect your running track and provide specialized running track services should your track need to be replaced or resurfaced. With more than 40 years of experience and 12 American Sports Builders Association national awards, our work speaks for itself.

While working with American Athletic, clients can take advantage of our SmartBuy co-op purchasing program. Comprised of multiple National Cooperative Purchasing agencies, this program allows athletic directors and facility managers to obtain sports surfaces through cooperative purchasing contracts. Without needing to go through the public bid process, clients will get the benefit of competitive pricing, and have more control over the final product, as compared to traditional bidding processes. This can save clients both valuable time and money.

Have Your Running Track Properly Repaired or Replaced

Whether you need to construct a new athletic facility or repairing your existing one, quality matters. American Athletic Track and Turf serves clients in New Jersey, Florida, Vermont, Maine, Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Connecticut, offering qualified services including running tracks. We even offer repair and maintenance services along with warranties, so you can trust that American Athletic Track and Turf will be there for you should any concerns arise. Contact us today to learn more about how we can upgrade your athletic facility.

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