Case Study

Kingsway Regional High School

Local Public High School Track and Field

Kingsway Regional High School Track And Field
In August 2019, American Athletic Track and Turf won the bid for the Kingsway Regional High School running track and turf field project. The school’s existing track had been decommissioned due to extensive wear and damage, leaving student athletes without a facility for practice and competition. Our team of running track builders brought the high school’s vision for a revitalized track and playing field complex to life with a new athletic track design, field turf installation, spectator seating, and other amenities – all on a tight schedule.

The Challenge

Due to substantial deterioration, the Kingsway Regional High School running track was unsafe for use. Additionally, existing facilities no longer met the school’s needs for functionality or athletic track design. The project’s scope was significant, calling for complete removal of existing structures, plus the design and construction of a new track and turf field. The project’s timeline presented an additional challenge. To meet our client’s requirements, American Athletic would need to complete demolition and construction before early spring. This demanded an extremely efficient process that took into account delays due to harsh New Jersey winters.

Our Plan

After working with the client to understand their vision for the facility, our certified track builders created an updated design that included a double-bend, eight-lane running track. We also designed a brand-new synthetic turf field to replace unhealthy natural grass with a durable, attractive alternative. Our team began work immediately after acceptance of our bid and approval of our plans. Due to our experience in running track design and construction, it was clear we needed to work quickly to complete this complex project on-time.

Our Work

American Athletic kicked off the project by demolishing and removing the existing latex running track. We also removed an existing building and relocated bleachers to expand the new track and field’s footprint. This change allowed easy access from the visitor side of the school’s athletic facility. Next, our team prepared the site for installation of the double-bend, eight-lane running track, new field events space, and an artificial turf field. This process included preparing the ground below with filling and precise laser grading, plus installing 3,000 feet of underground storage retention piping. The running track was created with high-quality BSS 300 material. This surface system utilizes a multi-layer design that includes paved-in-place polyurethane, a two-component seal coat, and a layer of two-component polyurethane. Once completed, the track offered a responsive, high-performance surface that is ideal for long-distance running and other track events. Additionally, synthetic turf was installed and tested to create an all-new field with two new D Zones. To complete the project, we enclosed the field with custom fencing and created a new spectator area to host competitors’ friends and families. A renovated scoreboard was relocated to an optimal position, and a custom parking area provided space for EMS and police vehicles during events.

Certified Track Builders for New Jersey and the East Coast

Today, the Kingsway Regional High School running track and turf field provide a safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing home to Dragons athletes thanks to American Athletic. Our team of American Sports Builder Association (ASBA) certified track builders have completed countless projects for educational institutions, municipalities, and other clients throughout the East Coast, including New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Southern Massachusetts, and Eastern Pennsylvania. Contact us today to learn more about our services, or request a free quote to get started.