An Impermeable Synthetic Surface For Your Running Track Is A No Brainer!

Written by Bill Narozanick / Published in Running Tracks

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Let’s be honest, is there any student athlete, student, casual user, work out nut, etc. that has had the pleasure of competing or working out on a synthetic track that would prefer an unforgiving and hard asphalt surface over a surface that is easy on their joints, improves performance and is simply “user friendly”?

The benefits of owning a running track with a high quality synthetic surface far outweigh any argument for an asphalt surface with the exception of budget, however “penny wise, dollar foolish has never been a good philosophy!

So what are the benefits of having a high quality synthetic surface?  They are many but following are some of the most important.

1) Safety – It is simple fact that synthetic surfaces are safer for athletes and students whether they trip on a hurdle or simply fall while exercising.  There is no substitute for SAFETY!

2) Less Injuries – Asphalt is very hard to train on and prolonged training will affect joint health, cause shin splints, severe concussions from falls, etc.  All synthetic surfaces are more user friendly and some can even be more forgiving than others such as a polyurethane sealed basemat/embedded sandwich systems similar to a Beynon Sports BSS-300 or equal.

3) Performance – Synthetic surfaces offer athletes greater opportunity to perform.  It is common sense, that sneakers on asphalt will not be able to compete with spikes on a rubber surface.  In addition, impermeable systems offer much greater “return of energy” thus optimal performance!

4) Protection of Asphalt – Most designers never consider the protection an impermeable or sealed polyurethane system offer for the asphalt pavement structure below.  Any geotechnical engineer will tell you any properly installed pavement’s worst enemy is moisture. An impermeable polyurethane system essentially creates an umbrella over the entire asphalt pavement, sealing it from all of the harmful effects of moisture intrusion and the resulting damage.  The end result of having a sealed system is greater longevity, thus maximum protection of an owner’s investment!

5) Aesthetics and Pride – I believe all student athletes and users in general want to have a facility that they want to train on, exercise on and use.  In addition, they want it to be attractive and they want to have pride in their school and community.  A bright, beautiful, high quality impermeable polyurethane system achieves just that!

In closing, there are many other reasons for a high quality synthetic surface, but isn’t the case quite clear, that our kids deserve the safety, protection, and performance of a synthetic surface as well as the taxpayer deserving to have maximum protection of their hard fought for funding!

Written By: Bill Narozanick

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