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Athletic and business directors of public high schools and other individuals responsible for athletic facilities sometimes need to upgrade their playing surfaces. That is a significant financial investment, so a reliable estimate is necessary.

American Athletic Track and Turf is a highly regarded sports construction company that specializes in top-quality athletic surface products for clients along the East Coast and the Southeast region. We offer a range of financial resources, including our project cost calculator and our SmartBuy program. Learn more about our services and how we can help you improve your sports facility.

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How Much Does a Turf Field Cost?

At American Athletic Track and Turf, we strive to always be upfront and transparent with our clients to build a strong working relationship. That includes matters of cost. Clients are welcome to receive a quote to get a clear picture of how much an entire project will cost, including materials, labor, and other expenses.

A quote helps clients understand better whether a project fits within their budget. This allows them to make more informed decisions. At this stage, clients have a general idea of what they want but need more information to determine the feasibility of a project.

Clients working with American Athletic can take advantage of our cost calculator to gather the necessary details without any financial commitment. The artificial turf cost calculator works by asking clients a series of questions about their project goals. This gives us a better sense of the type of project being sought. With this information, we can give a more accurate quote. Once a client has answered all questions and filled out every field with the appropriate information, they will receive a full project cost quote from one of our experienced team members.

SmartBuy Program

In addition to upfront pricing, American Athletic is pleased to offer clients a way to save time and money by forgoing the traditional bidding process. The SmartBuy program works with multiple National Cooperative Purchasing Agencies, allowing clients to purchase artificial turf fields, running tracks, and tennis courts across the U.S. on previously bid contracts with preferential pricing.

Cooperative purchasing contracts bring together schools and municipalities from across the nation to help them save time and money on facility enhancement projects. These contracts work on behalf of the organizations to secure multi-state volume purchasing agreements that offer cost-effective benefits.

The SmartBuy program drastically streamlines the acquisition process for clients who wish to upgrade their athletic facilities. The first step is a site evaluation to determine an accurate quote. From there, the owner issues a purchase order and construction begins. Throughout the entire process, our team is there to provide you with co-op pricing alternatives, expert consultation, and evaluation of your product. This assistance comes at no added charge.

Consult the Award-Winning Team at American Athletic

Are you in the market for an upgraded facility but wondering how much a turf field costs? If so, turn to the dedicated team at American Athletic Track and Turf. For decades, we have been delivering outstanding products to clients in eastern Pennsylvania, southern Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Florida, New Jersey, and Maine. All our sports field services adhere to American Sports Builder Association (ASBA) guidelines.

Our process begins with transparent pricing. This enables you to get an idea of the scope and cost of a project or service before committing. Clients are encouraged to take advantage of our artificial turf cost calculator and other financial resources. Contact us to learn more about the financial undertaking of a project you have in mind. You can also reach out for a quick quote today.

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