Worried About Baseball Field Turf Maintenance? Don’t Be

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America’s pastime is getting an upgrade. More and more baseball diamonds are ditching natural grass and converting to artificial turf. Even though many athletic directors and field managers opt for artificial turf installation, some may be hesitant. Those who are unfamiliar may be unsure of how to maintain it properly. Here, American Athletic Track and Turf, a proud partner of Beynon Sports and FieldTurf, both a Tarkett Sports Company, details how to maintain a turf baseball field and the advantages of saying goodbye to natural grass.

Best Maintenance Practices

As nostalgic as it may be, one of the biggest pitfalls of a natural grass sports field is the necessary upkeep. While artificial turf still requires some maintenance, it’s nothing compared to its grass counterpart. Still, proper care is essential for any artificial field as it limits the need for repairs and, most importantly, ensures a safe playing surface. Anyone wishing to care for their artificial turf field properly should take the following measures:


Maintaining your turf baseball field begins with removing any debris that’s made its way onto the field. Field managers should prohibit gum, tobacco, sunflower seeds, metal cleats, and other sharp objects from entering the playing area.

In addition to cleaning, you must sanitize the turf periodically. That ensures the health and safety of players and coaches. Disinfection should include special solvents, cleansers, and anti-microbial products to remove invisible particles and bacterial growth.

Monitoring High Traffic Areas

Field managers and athletic directors must understand that some areas of a baseball field are subject to higher use than others. For example, base paths on baseball diamonds are considered a heavy traffic area.

Ensuring that high-use areas of the field are filled with infill (product placed between blades of artificial grass) is an important step in maintaining your playing surface. Continued use can lead to increased degradation and premature replacement when the infill is displaced and not replaced.

The Advantages of a Turf Baseball Field

When choosing between a natural grass and turf baseball field, it’s important to weigh your options. Clients can make the decision easier by focusing on the advantages provided by artificial turf. The benefits of artificial turf installation include:
  • Improved playing surface: Before artificial turf installation, the ground is perfectly level to provide a smooth playing surface for athletes. The level playing surface results in safer playing conditions and limits unpredictable bad hops of the ball off the bat.
  • Fewer rainouts: Rainouts due to excessive water accumulation are a common part of the game. However, with turf’s built-in drainage system, teams will experience fewer rainouts and more time on the diamond.
  • Zero watering and mowing: Unlike grass, turf fields don’t require regular watering and mowing to look pristine.
  • Make a statement: A turf baseball field can be an excellent recruiting tool, as student-athletes prefer enhanced facilities with artificial turf.

Make the Switch to an Artificial Turf Baseball Field

If you wish to benefit from the advantages of artificial turf, then turn to the athletic field construction professionals at American Athletic Track and Turf. For over 25 years, we have produced award-winning final products for schools and facilities in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Florida, New Jersey, and Maine. Recognized by the American Sports Builders Association, we follow strict guidelines to deliver the highest quality products to our clients. To ensure client’s playing fields are ready for competition, we offer repairs and maintenance, as well as warranties. In addition to our premium services, American Athletic Track and Turf is pleased to offer clients an alternative to the traditional bidding process with our SmartBuy Program. Clients will have full control over the look of their new field turf installation while saving time and money. Contact us today for more information about outfitting your baseball field with artificial turf, or to get a quote.
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