Our History as the Premier Tennis Court, Track, and Turf Installation Experts

American Athletic Track and Turf is an award-winning sports construction company with a long legacy of successful projects throughout the East Coast. Our history extends back to the late 60s and early 70s when our founder discovered a dual passion for quality construction and the thrill of athletic competition. Today, we continue his mission to deliver the best running tracks, athletic turf, and tennis court construction services available.

Founded on Experience and Passion

Long before Bill Narozanick founded American Athletic Track and Turf, he was an employee at his father’s company, Brunswick Bituminous/Dayton Construction. The company and its affiliates specialized in high-volume asphalt pavement, while outdoor athletic facilities, including tennis courts and running tracks, formed another area of the business. It was there Bill began learning nuances of sports construction in 1968.

Yet it was another event that set him on the path to founding American Athletic Track and Turf. Bill became a member of the top-ten-rated Florida State University track and field team, giving him an insider’s view on the 1974 construction of the team’s state-of-the-art running track complex.

The facility’s inaugural event culminated in a rousing victory that saw the #7 Seminoles thrash the division’s #2 South Carolina Gamecocks. Bill knew he’d discovered the passion that would shape his career going forward: the construction of athletic facilities that exceeded all expectations for value, performance, longevity, safety, and aesthetics.

A New Beginning

With the memory of that excitement fresh in his mind, Bill graduated college and, in the winter of 1982, left his father’s company to strike out on his own. American Athletic Courts, Inc. (AACI) was founded a year later in 1983, and the highly successful venture comprised several affiliates, including American Athletic Track and Turf, Florida Track and Turf, and more.

Since then, we’re proud of the work we’ve done and the industry accomplishments we’ve achieved, which include:

  • 13 American Sports Builder’s Association (ASBA) national awards for Sports Construction Excellence
  • Becoming Beynon Sports Surfaces’ first Authorized Installer and Official Partner
  • Chosen by Fieldturf, USA as an Official Partner and trusted contractor for Field of Dreams projects

Through dedication, exceptional work, and top-quality service, we’ve become the premier choice for turf installation, tennis court construction, and athletic track design in the Mid-Atlantic region, Southern New England, and throughout Florida.

A Leader in Sports Construction

There’s more to what sets us apart than awards and accolades. American Athletic Track and Turf relies on a dedicated team that includes ASBA Certified Track Builders and Field Builders. These designations require proven success in site work, project management, and other key capabilities. With over 150 years of combined experience, our experts leverage the latest technology, sophisticated laser-guided equipment, and advanced design principles to deliver sports construction projects for schools, universities, municipalities, and more.

Unlike more generalized contractors, our deep experience in sports construction gives us the nuanced understanding required to create next-level athletic facilities. What’s more, as a vertically integrated firm we perform the majority of work ourselves rather than relying on subcontractors. From precision grading and site preparation to sophisticated drainage systems, you can count on us for every stage of the building process.

Learn More about American Athletic Track and Turf

It’s easy to see why we’ve become the East Coast’s first choice for court, track, and sports field design, construction, and maintenance. Whether you require a new running track, artificial turf installation, or tennis court repair, American Athletic Track and Turf will complete your project to the highest standards.

Ready to get started? Contact us today by calling 1-800-427-5705. We’ll schedule a site assessment to learn the scope of your project and help make your facility plans a reality.

What Our Clients Say

  • We chose AACI to work on 3 different running track and sports construction projects. In all instances AACI’s work ranks as the BEST example in sports construction I have ever witnessed in my 33 years in this industry.

    John Bell, PE
    President, Kinsey Associations,
    Park & Recreation Consultants
  • Upon final inspection of Bucknell University’s new asphalt pavement for their 2012 running track project, Geoff Daley exclaimed: “In 20+ years of synthetic track surfacing, I have not seen asphalt paved to that precision and consistency.

    Geoff Daley, CTB
    Chief Estimator and Director of Quality Assurance