What Is the Best Indoor Track Material?

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Starting line of indoor running track
Strong performance on an indoor running track starts with a durable and dependable surface. When installing a new indoor running track, choosing a company with industry expertise and updated materials results in a reliable indoor track. At American Athletic Track and Turf, we offer running track installation services for schools and facilities in eastern Pennsylvania, southern Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Florida, New Jersey, and Maine. Here, we share more about the best indoor track materials to use and what to consider when getting it installed.

Synthetic Indoor Track Materials

Most schools and athletic facilities have an outdoor track, but more schools are getting indoor tracks installed. Benefits like all-season and -weather use make indoor tracks a worthwhile addition for many schools, but it’s essential to use the proper materials during installation so that athletes can perform their best. In the past, materials like asphalt, concrete, and dirt were used to make running tracks, but they required routine maintenance to fill holes. Because indoor tracks are inside fieldhouses or athletic centers, builders can get away from using uneven natural surfaces that can cause trips, falls, and injuries. Today, most indoor tracks are made from synthetic materials—either latex or polyurethane. These synthetic materials don’t require nearly as much maintenance as more natural materials need and they’re also weather- and wear-resistant to last for years. Synthetic running tracks also offer better shock absorption due to their flexible texture. Having a durable synthetic indoor track lets your athletes have year-round access in a controlled environment, which is warm and well-lit, allowing them to focus on running. Check out the running track resources from American Athletic to learn more.

Beynon Sports Partnership

American Athletic has more than twenty-five years of experience in the sports construction industry, making meaningful partnerships with top brands throughout the years. We’re proud to partner with Beynon Sports, a Tarkett Sports Company, to provide our clients with the highest-quality running track surfaces available. Beynon Sports is a leader in the sports surface industry and constructs high-performance synthetic surfaces designed for speed, competition, and daily use. American Athletic trusts Beynon Sports products to stand up to our client’s demands and needs.

Running Track Installation at American Athletic

Even though American Athletic uses Beynon Sports products, it’s up to our qualified track and field builders to properly install your indoor running track. We use a vertically integrated approach, meaning our installation services are always performed by our expert in-house team. Our track installation process goes like this:
  • Comprehensive consultation with a job site inspection
  • Design creation and client approval
  • Preparation of track base with earthwork and stonework to create an even surface
  • Installation of drainage system
  • Installation of synthetic track surface provided by Beynon Sports
At American Athletic, all our services are backed by comprehensive warranties to enhance your peace of mind. We also offer an alternative to the traditional bidding process with our SmartBuy Program, a time- and money-saving method for purchasing your athletic field or track.

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